5 Essential Tech Tools You Should Have in Your HR Arsenal


Few departments handle as many responsibilities and manage as much information as human resources. Technology makes the task of recruitment, performance evaluation, payroll, and benefits administration more manageable and allows human resource personnel to engage the company’s employees better.

Here are the top 5 Human Resource tools that any business can use to implement a better-managed workforce: –

  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)

Human resource departments have a lot of information to store and track. One of the most common ways of organising this content is with a comprehensive human resource management system, which is also called by its acronym HRMS.

Whether the human resource management software is a software solution or software as a service, it can incredibly helpful in the way its stores, organizes data like employee profile, attendance, schedules, and other information, etc.

Human resource information systems (HRIS) are generally more data-driven systems that permit you to create more in-depth reports for audits. Most HRMS systems act as an HR central platform; they have various modules and integrations that permit you to allow you to access and maintain employee records, such as signed contracts and performance conversations and easily share important documents, like policies or seek acknowledgment of compliance announcements.

  • Payroll software

Payroll processing is tiring work. Human resource personnel can make this easier on themselves (and on their accounts department) by investing in an online payroll service. There are payroll solutions that automatically calculate and track the status of wages, benefits, paid/unpaid accrued leave, overtime and deductions. Some types of software even permit you to file and pay the payroll taxes and report hires to the IRS.

  • Employee engagement tools

Employee engagement is always one of the highest priorities for any company. With today’s tech tools – you can monitor your company’s culture- giving you better insights into what your employee requires. There are tools, like for e.g. TINYpulse which allows you to collect anonymous feedback from your staff which can be used to improve your culture and business operations.

There are free employee engagement tools available as well, like for e.g. Google Forms and Survey Monkey which allow you to compile honest reviews anonymously. Other options include the organization intranet like the OneWindow Workplace or Igloo or corporate social media apps like WorkPlace by Facebook or Yammer etc.

  • Performance evaluation systems

Performance evaluations are stressful not only for the employee and employers but for HR as well. As much as they seem an annual thing between the supervisor and the employee – the discussed goals and objectives are tracked and revised throughout the year by human resource personnel. To get the best out of a performance review and put out the most accurate measurement of an employee’s worth in the company – performance tools can help HR to track employee’s performance throughout the year. This saves notes and feedback to prepare both the supervisor and employee for the performance evaluation.

  • Recruitment software

Recruitment is one of the most fundamental functions of human resources.  The hiring process contains many tasks such as posting ads, sorting and accepting job applications, manage candidates and providing offers of employment.

These HR software helps streamline your entire recruitment process – all the way from the job posting to assessing possible candidates.

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