Sasphire Legal understands that the cost of legal services can be prohibitive and that our clients wish to obtain value for their investment. Each client’s needs are different, and we believe that our services and pricing needs to be flexible so as to provide value to our clients.

In this regard Sasphire Legal can offer a range of pricing options to suit our client needs:

  • Hourly rates
    o Our hourly rates are fixed for all practitioners regardless of seniority at a mutually agreeable price;
    o Hourly rates are billed at 6 minute intervals (any interaction of less than 5 minutes are not billed).
  • Fixed fee for projects
  • Retainer and/or annual packages tailored to client needs and financial capacity
  • Prepaid hourly rates

Sasphire Legal is transparent in its billing and pricing practices so clients know exactly what they will be billed. There are no hidden costs. All disbursements are fully disclosed and depending on the pricing model agreed, may be included in the rate.

For more information, please contact us directly.

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