Could AI remove the need for Humans in HR


AI or Artificial Intelligence is a powerful technology that is being used in many fields and is revolutionising many sectors. HR is an area where AI is being used extensively. In fact, the gradually increasing use of AI in HR has given rise to fears that it may lead to a situation where the ‘human’ in HR may become irrelevant.

There are discussions on how HR departments may be entirely taken over by AI bots leading to the loss of jobs for humans. Is this really a possibility? What impact would AI have on humans carrying out the HR function? Read on to find the answers to these questions.

The use of AI in the HR function

The use of digital technologies in HR has increased and most companies in Australia are implementing technology in all aspects of their operations. Technology has made life easier for HR staff, but the quantum of work has not drastically reduced.

The use of AI can help HR in automating routine and repetitive tasks with minimal or almost no human intervention. This would help HR staff to focus more on activities like strategy creation, employee engagement, and workforce optimisation. The use of AI in the HR area can thus complement the efforts of humans by freeing them of routine and boring tasks, thus allowing them to focus on more important work.

Can AI replace humans?

The key question is whether AI can replace humans entirely? The answer is NO! When computers were first introduced, there was speculation about how computers would replace the workforce and cause huge job losses. As we know, that didn’t happen. Humans are using computers and digital technology in a bigger way today. Similarly, HR professionals would use AI to improve the effectiveness of the HR process.

AI-based bots can perform a number of HR-related functions that include:

  • Engaging with employees to clarify their queries on policies, rules, benefits, and related areas.
  • Provide quick information to employees on-demand, which takes more time when done manually.
  • Can provide a better onboarding experience for new employees. Since onboarding involves routine tasks, they can be automated using AI and the AI-bots can handle queries and manage the process effectively.
  • Learning and development is another area where AI bots can be effective.
  • Employee performance can also be tracked and handled more effectively using AI-based systems.

AI can thus make HR more effective. It is estimated that in the future, the use of AI bots will increase. These bots would help to reduce the monotonous work of employees. AI can do the work of lower-level staff. If there is any loss of jobs, it may be only at a lower level. Professional HR staff though cannot be replaced. They are needed firstly to monitor the results of the work done by AI and to take care of higher functions like strategizing. AI cannot replace humans but can help them work more effectively.

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